Sighting in Galt, Cambridge on June 10, 2017

by Gunseli Elyay
(Cambridge, Ontario,Canada)


Hi, today, on June 10 2017, at around 11 am, I saw about 6 Turkey Vultures in the yard of my house which is right across from Galt Collegiate Institute in Cambridge, Ontario (on Water St. North).

I took some pictures with my cell phone from a distance of 20 metres but when I approached to take a closer picture, they flew away to another higher branch.

What caught my attention originally was their massive size for a bird, their heavy looks, their bald heads, and their dark-coloured feathers, which I had not seen before in my yard in my 6 years of living in my current house.

Thank you for sending us this report and your pictures - I'm sure our readers will enjoy this and I will also post this on our facebook page.

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