Sheila's Sighting

by Sheila
(Hornings Mills, Ontario, Canada)

Hi there... just saw a coyote this morning about 9 am. We live in a rural area with livestock around us near Hornings Mills, Ontario (north of Shelburne).

I was checking on our puppy who was playing in the backyard, when I noticed a Coyote about 20 feet from our fence line, watching our puppy.

As soon as I opened the door it heard me and left the area into the farm fields bordering our one acre property.

I found this site by going on line to see if it was likely that it would attack the puppy.

I often walk the puppy off leash back into the fields, but don't think I'll be doing this anymore.

My puppy would likely run to it to want to play!

Yes, it would be wise not to let your puppy off-leash where there may be Coyotes, as the little guy would be an easy snack for them. You are right too, your puppy would likely want to play with them, and Coyotes have been known to engage in "play" behavior to lure unsuspecting dogs away from the safety of their own yard or property.

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