Scugog Island

by Leahann
(Port Perry, Ontario, Canada)

Saw a coyote trotting up Fralick's Beach Road by the cemetery at 6:00 am today, July 25, 2011.

It was a dark gray morning raining, with lots of lightning and thunder. He moved off the road as my car approached and then he crossed behind my car back up on the road.

When I stopped the car he approached on the driver's side and stared in through the window at me with his amber eyes, we made eye contact and he was definitely not afraid. He was beautiful and seemed curious.

I have heard them howling in the area in the past year, but this was my first lucky encounter. I continued on my way and left him standing in the road still watching my car.

Wow, thanks for telling us about your close encounter with a Coyote!

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