Rural Kingston and Not alone...

by R Penrose
(Stone Mills Township, Ontario, Canada )

Lone Coyote

Lone Coyote

We live on a country road 20 minutes northwest of Kingston, in Stone Mills Township, on 4 acres of land with neighbouring homes about 70 metres away on either side of us.

About 8:30 am on Feb. 2nd, 2020 in full daylight, a coyote strolled between our home and the neighbours heading from the brush at the back of the property to the road out front, stopping now and then to listen.

Unbeknownst to us, at the same time another one was to the west of our neighbours house and the neighbour shot it.

About 5 minutes later we spotted another one in the back field, also headed towards the homes - or passing through to the road, but it startled and returned to the brush.

Personally I'm not a fan of killing any wildlife, but there is a bounty on Coyotes in our Township for a reason, and they are a hazard to pets and small farm animals.

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Jul 15, 2020
Coyote pack outside of Napanee
by: Anonymous

We live just outside of Napanee, close to Morven. We have a den in our backyard which housed around 5 coyotes last year. This year we watched 9-11 cross the field next to our house mid day. I don’t know if they are all housed together but they are often seen hunting in a large pack and have become very comfortable in our presence. Its scary.

Apr 17, 2020
by: Vince Bury

They're not a problem if they're not in a pack and three is not a pack. They clean up rats and vermin such as that. A bounty is no reason to shoot them. There were bounties on buffalo, that turned out well. If we can't learn ways to live with wildlife, maybe WE should move to a city.

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