Roadkill Report -1 Dead Coyote Puppy

by Jason
(Wasaga Beach, Otario, Canada)

Roadkill :Coyote Pup Found 9:PM Aug. 10 2011

Roadkill :Coyote Pup Found 9:PM Aug. 10 2011

Roadkill Report: 1 Dead Coyote Pup

August 10 2010

I was riding my bicycle as I most often do here, around and about, Wasaga Beach Ontario. It was late in the evening near 9:PM.

Travelling south-west on Concession 12, Sunnidale Road, between Klondike Park Road to Freethy Road, in the left lane, I spotted an animal motionless.

Approaching with caution, I soon found the animal to be dead and recognized it as a Coyote pup.

I moved it to the side of the road away from traffic and took photographs to document its size, condition and colouring.

I cannot be certain that it is the same pup that I had sighted a few weeks prior wandering around not far from this area.

I returned home, and decided to report it to you.

Thank you for your interest, and keep discovering!

My Regards,


Thanks for sending us your report and photograph Jason, it is unfortunate that this young animal was hit and killed. Fortunately, I don't think Coyotes are endangered in this area!

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