Railton just north of Kingston

Every night all the neighbours in the small community of 40 or so houses and with lots of young children and some missing pets can listen to the coyotes.

I know of one neighbour who had her cat taken no less than 30 feet in front of her in the middle of the day while gardening.

They howl and yip practically every night of the week and it sounds very close to residential housing, not sure how the little forest area they are in can sustain them.

My question is how far are we going to let these critters go, I am sure they will run out of natural food in our area soon and will start looking for more opportunities, first pets (which has already started) then what next.

There have never been so many coyotes in this area.

The solution is simple, cull, but that will take a change in the thought process of the powers that be.

Concerned Parent and Hunter

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