Pickering Possum

by Terri Grady
(Pickering, Ontario, Canada)


There's a Possum living among six thick spruce trees behind my apartment building.

I first saw him/her last fall, at night-time. I thought it was a rat but quickly recognized it as being a Possum.

I hadn't seen it for several weeks, since early December, and have often wondered how it fared in the cold snap we had.

Then, on the evening of February 1st I saw it walking along the fence top heading towards the spruce trees. I was thrilled to see it had not only survived but was sporting a thick, brownish coat!

I worry that it will get hit by a car since I live in a very busy area - what a strange place to decide to set up house.

There have always been Raccoons around, sleeping in the protection of the branches of the spruce trees. I guess they moved on once the Possum showed up.

I have no idea if it's a male or female, and I don't where it's finding food. I know that the squirrels dive into the dumpster behind Tim Horton's on the other side of the spruce trees and feed from there, but I don't think the possum knows this trick.

Anyway, I'm delighted to have this unusual critter as my neighbour!

I too, hope your little Possum survives the winter - they do forage for food and eat almost anything - let us know if he appears in the spring!

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