Female Northern Cardinal - Dan Demczuk

Second Place
Muskoka Beauty - Barbara Gawenda

It has been an incredibly difficult task to choose the two best photographs
from all the submissions, however, after long discussion,
and countless cups of tea, we decided the two pictures, above,
should be the two winners.

The first, because it is a beautiful picture and is just so darn cute,
and the second because that picture captured the essence
of the solitude of a beautiful Canadian lake.

There were, however, so many others that were amazingly good
and our favourites are below.

Honourable Mention - Kaye Edmunds - for "Raindrops", "Bee in Flight" & "Ribbit-Ribbit", and for all her many beautiful pictures which are already being used on this website

Honourable Mention - Barbara Gawenda - for "Go Home Lake in late Summer" & "Swan in Barrie"

Honourable Mention - Mike Rafuse - for "Monarch Butterfly" & "Old Man Winter's Place"

Honourable Mention - Emilie Kosubek - for "Thousand Islands close up"

Honourable Mention - Terri Rilling - for "Perfect Afternoon" & "Campsite Buddy"

Honourable Mention - Wade Buzanko - for "Drive Through"

Honourable Mention - Carolyn Hewitt - for "Spring has Sprung" & "Are you my Mother?" and for all her charming photographs of birds

Thank you to all who partipated in this Contest - the submissions were wonderful - there is a lot of talent here and I thank you all for sending such beautiful photographs.

Catherine Davey
Wendy Brown
Vince Bury Jr
Anne Raudkivi
Sharon Will-Headley
Marjan Kempert
Shelagh Ross
Andy Mackay
Judy Valentine
Gail Fidler
Vjeko Skific
Michael Bradt
Linda McCormick
Mark McKeachnie
Erika Kosubek
Gord Deck


The winner of this competition may choose one of two Limited Edition prints,
with the other print being awarded to the Second Prize winner.

Congratulations Dan & Barbara!
Please complete the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of this page
including your phone number and address
so that we can mail your prize to you!