Pefferlaw Coyotes

by Amanda Robinson
(Pefferlaw, Ontario, Canada)

We live on two acres with a fully fenced yard, which is a good thing because we often see two large Coyotes about 100 yards past our fence.

We have three large dogs that would love to give chase!

We hear then often during the night or while we are barbecuing dinner. Eerie at first, but now we love spotting them, we talk about them all the time....

Two nights ago we heard a very different call sound, a lone, deeper call.

Has anyone spotted a Wolf this far south?

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Jul 09, 2012
Pefferlaws missing cats
by: Anonymous

My cat is missing also. Here is the thing, my cat was not allowed out at night because of Coyotes. He was a well trained daytime only cat and always came when called. He never roamed far or went on excursions.

We live in a populated subdivision, yet something or as people keep saying to me, someone took him in broad daylight half way up a populated street where children play.

On our street alone more than 10 cats have gone missing in under 3 years, and that's only the ones I know of.

At some point we will run out of cats... then what?

There is no shortage of rabbits or other small prey, obviously this is specific to cats.

Did you know a Cougar was spotted on Weirs Sideroad half a year ago....

Thank you for informing the people of Pefferlaw about the risk to their pets, and I do hope your little cat returns, I know how heart breaking this must be.

Jan 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

We hear the Coyotes every night, howling etc.

We also live in Pefferlaw, right on the river, and we have a lovely little cat that likes to go for short walks on our property, but now we are afraid to let her go alone.

We have started to walk with her and I hope that if we came upon a Coyote our presence would scare it off, but I wonder.

I saw a video of a Coyote following a man and even bit his shoe.

I see lots of posters up in Pefferlaw of lost cats, probably dinner for a Coyote, not lost at all.

I think something should be done, but I am not sure what, too many Coyotes are around here. My neighbor told me he saw 3 going through his yard in the middle of the night.

I pray I do not loose my precious cat.

Aug 15, 2011
Cats disappearing in Pefferlaw area
by: Joanne

Please watch your beloved pets - don't let them sneak out at night.

Our beautiful cat got out last Tuesday night Aug./11 and sadly we found his remains next day (only found intestines, stomach and tiny bit of blond fur) I'm assuming Coyotes or something larger did this.

I read that there are possible "Coy-Wolves" in the Pefferlaw area (coyote/wolves mating)

This weekend past a neighbour told me her 13 year old cat disappeared (within 10 minutes) from a chair in her backyard. She lives beside the field where we found our big boy's remains.

Seems these strong creatures are getting braver since our other neighbour moved away last month with her enormous dog, which I'm sure kept them at distance.

See picture of large Coyote in Pefferlaw Post paper Jan/11, how close he is to fence where man's small dogs are enclosed.

We love all animals and wildlife, but to lose one's own in this manner is so heart breaking !

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