One coyote, near Perrytown, Northumberland County

by Sarah McGuire
(Peterborough, Ontario)

It was around 9:00 am. I had turned left from County Road 10 onto Line Road 7.

By the first field, a single Coyote emerged from the ditch on the right, loped across the road and jumped the fence of the field to the left.

I stopped as soon as I spotted it to avoid hitting it, but it didn't seem fazed by my vehicle and didn't hurry across the road.

It's behaviour gave me no reason to be alarmed; however, I admit that I was in a car and so can't judge it's potential reaction to an exposed human.

I wanted to thank the people who wrote this article for presenting the facts and doing so in a non-biased, non-fear-promoting way.

Best article I've seen on Coyotes in a long time.

Thank you for your submission to our website, Sarah, and also for your kind words!

I am glad that you like the Coyote section of our site and we hope that others also enjoy the information we have given - as the author and publisher of this webiste .... I thank you!

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