On World's Longest Freshwater Beach

by Gerry Komuves
(Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada)

Bald Eagle on the ice

Bald Eagle on the ice

This morning, Jan 24,2010, I was looking out of my window overlooking Wasaga Beach, when I noticed a larger than usual dark object on one of the small ice chunks. (Normally it's just a crow, commonly seen on the beach, or occasionally a turkey vulture).

Reaching for my binoculars I could see it certainly wasn't a crow. It had a white head and dark body. When it took flight I could see the white tail feathers.

I see enough Bald Eagles on my regular salmon-fishing trips in Barclay Sound on Vancouver Island to know that this was indeed a Bald Eagle. I was thrilled to sight this bird in my own "front yard".

Thanks for the info, Gerry - I found a picture of a Bald Eagle to add to this page, and I did find this YouTube video that our readers might like.

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