North Oshawa between Taunton and Grandview Streets

by Jan Warren
(North Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)


One was spotted three weeks ago in my backyard and another (or perhaps the same one) last night.

I thought at first that my initial sighting was a badger; however, after careful research I realized that it was indeed a possum. Non-confrontational and skittish.

Both times I tried to take a photo, but as soon as I opened the patio doors it ran.

Cute animals, my cats were not afraid.

I feel sorry for them insomuch as they have to travel into communities such as ours to forage for food.

The trees in the nearby woods are being cut down for new homes, therefore, these wee critters are being pushed out of their own homes.

I will send a photo if I am able to take one in future.

Jan Warren
December 1, 2013

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