Noisy Red Tail Hawk

by Nicole Nolan
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Hi there. I've been in this apartment for 13 years here on the west mountain, Hamilton, and the last few days there is a strange cry coming from the tree in the back where my balcony overlooks.

Took some pics and researched online the different sounds of the hawks and the Red Tail is the closest in sound and look.

There appears to be two of them as someone said they had seen one on too, on the building while we were looking at the other in the tree.

Amazing and beautiful creatures.

Thank you for sending this to us, I will also post this on our facebook page.

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Aug 10, 2014
Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk
by: Anonymous

This actually looks like a juvenile red-tailed hawk. If you take a close look at the tail, it will be striped, not red. The other hawk might be a parent (will have red tail) or another sibling (striped tail). The RTH gets its red tail in its second year.

Juvenile RTHs often call for their parents, so I'm not surprised this is bird is a little noisy. :)

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