Night Visitor

by Cindi Olsen
(Cambridge, Ontario)

My husband and I live in a cottage nestled along the Grand River just outside Cambridge, Ontario.

We were just getting ready for bed when our dog alerted us to the presence of something in our yard.

Sure enough, a large brownish grey Coyote emerged from the woods and spent some time exploring our yard.

He was curious, nosing around and not overly worried about the dog barking at him from the window.

We often hear the Coyotes howling in the distance at night, but this is the first real visit we have noticed.

Tonight as he slipped down the hill to the river, out of sight, I couldn't help be amazed at his boldness, and wonder how often he had been in our midst at night without being noticed.

Thank you so much for this report of your Coyote sighting - you're right, this likely isn't his first visit to your yard!

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