Nesting pair of Bald Eagles and successful fledge of 2 eaglets

by Deb Lehman, Saving the Creatures Photography
(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

Waterloo Region in the Laurel Creek Headwaters ESL.

I have been a volunteer wildlife photographer with the liaison group for the ESL since 2009.

This is a first time to have a pair of nesting Bald Eagles in 2020 here.

Located a forested area in Waterloo, Ontario. Nest placed in white pine tree just inside tree line.

I will attach images.

Thank you for your beautiful pictures! I hope you don't mind, but I didn't publish the exact location of this nest as 3 km from where I live, last spring a Bald Eagle's nest was destroyed and the eggs stolen, and I would hate this to happen to this pair.

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