Mystery Raptor pair

by Colin
(Oakville, Ontario)

On March 18, in Oakville, Ontario, I saw two large soaring birds of prey (I think). Too large to be Red-Tailed Hawks, these two birds were almost 100% white underneath with dark tips on the wings.

One bird circled back (they were quite low as they had, presumably, just come over the lake) and began to soar upwards in a large circle as it caught a thermal updraft.

The other bird was gone by then. Eventually, the remaining bird got high enough and began to soar northwards.

They were not Turkey Vultures, they were very big, very beautiful, very white underneath.

I did see my first Turkey Vulture of the season later on in the day.

Thanks for your report, Colin, I don't know what those birds may have been, but perhaps one of our readers will know.

I too saw my first Turkey Vulture this week - it is good to know they are back - it must be Spring!

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Jul 31, 2011
Northern Harrier
by: Norm

I bet it was a Northern Harrier.

I have one that sits on the light poles on the highway in front of my house.

It is big and has been feasting a lot!

They are known for their ability to just ride the wind and are often seen floating in one spot.

Jun 27, 2011
white huh?
by: Anonymous

Possibly an Osprey

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