My first one-on-one with a Coyote

by Frank Bachura
(Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada)

9:30 pm Sunday, October 6 2013

I just encountered my first one-on-one with a Coyote in Stoney Creek, Ontario, by the lake at Green Road and Frances Ave.

Went for a walk out if my survey and spotted an animal walking swiftly towards me and realizing instantly it was a coyote.

Not sure what to do so I walked fast to my car which was parked on the street.

I jumped in and when I slammed the car door it stopped in its tracks. It then proceeded into my survey.

Not knowing where it went, I stayed put until I saw it leave and I followed it with my car until it went into the bush.

I don't know enough about them and was unsure how to go about my encounter.

If anyone has any suggestions for when I'm walking alone or with my son, please let me know!

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