More Coyote Encounters by Karen in South Ajax

by Karen
(Ajax, Ontario, Canada)

Late afternoon on December 15th, after some freshly fallen snow I decided to get out my x-country skis and head to the bottom of Harwood Ave on the Ajax waterfront to get some exercise.

In January 2013 while out x-country skiing I had a Coyote encounter that was unsettling.

I was skiing along the waterfront in late afternoon when for some reason I felt I should turn around, and there was an animal watching me.

It was quite a ways back and I looked hard as I thought it was a dog but then realized it was a Coyote!

It's kind of hard to back up in x-country skis so I decided to remain calm and start skiing again.

Then I stopped to look back and it was still watching me. I did this a couple more times as it still stood watching on the edge of some dogwood.

After that I decided to dig in and make tracks ....literally!

I still had to return that way to my car so I warned people with small dogs off leash and removed my skis to walk along the street and sidewalk closer to the residences until I passed the area again.

I did see it again trotting around and I high tailed it back to my car.

So, on this particular day, two weeks ago with thoughts of Coyotes in my head, I donned skis and headed out on this beautiful snowy afternoon all the while keeping a look out.

I skied between the two treed areas where I'd seen the Coyote last winter, looking around as I went. So far so good!

Then up ahead about a quarter kilometre away I saw a dog lying in the snow next to the treeline. I stopped and stared and it got up and trotted away from me towards Rotary park and then I saw the second one!

Two coyotes, probably mates or siblings. I immediately turned around and headed back to the car!!

It's scary when you are alone. It was pretty quiet, not a lot of people around. I didn't have my whistle. Would that even help if I needed it?

I don't want to stop skiing there, so does anyone have advice? I am a female on the smaller side and don't know if they would even bother me.

My two encounters were late afternoon before dusk.

Tho' unsettling, I find it amazing and will go back to look for them with my camera .....a long telephoto zoom lens of course!!

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