More Brampton Coyotes

We back on to a golf course in the area of Kennedy Road and Bovaird Drive in Brampton, Ontario.

Last week on September 12th, at about 9:30 at night, we heard an unusual yipping sound through the open window, a dog-like noise, but not quite.

Lots of the neighborhood dogs were responding and it created quite a ruckus. I went outside to investigate and could not see anything. My neighbour, who had also come out, says that they have seen this Coyote and that it has been coming to the fence quite often, usually a bit later at around 10:00, yips briefly and leaves.

The golf course shares a border with a Conservation area, and deer will also wander through.

Thanks for your report - this is very interesting, and I'm sure our readers will enjoy reading about your Coyote experience!

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