Mink spotted on Lake Ontario shoreline

by Krista
(Mississauga, Ontario, Canada )

I was riding my bike along the waterfront trail in Mississauga when a small, black, furry animal darted out and looked frightened by my approach.

It had a weasel-like face and a slinky way of running.

It tried to escape by squeezing through a chain link fence, momentarily stuck, before scampering down the embankment to the water.

It took me a while to identify this animal as I don't think they used to be native to southern Ontario, but after looking after this home video, it was definitely a mink!

I saw others in Southern Ontario mention similar sightings elsewhere on this blog so I thought I'd post this as the mink seem to be flourishing here and increasing in numbers.

Link to Mink video

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Nov 06, 2016
High Park, Toronto Mink
by: Anonymous

My daughter and I were taking a walk through High Park and stopped to look around on one of the bridges of the lower creek, south of the Zoo, when we spotted a small, slinky brown rodent scampering through a mass of branches piled in the creek. He took no notice of us and was merrily hunting for something in the water. He was small, brown all over, except for his chin, long, and adorable. We have since come to the conclusion that he was a Mink. Happy to have him in our vicinity!

Jul 24, 2015
Ferrets in Fort Erie??
by: Anonymous

I live on Lakeshore Road, Fort Erie. I saw a group of 12 ferret-like creatures running along the rocks and they were dark brown. Do we have ferrets?

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