Midnight patio visitor!

by Kelly
(London, Ontario, Canada )


We live in London, Ontario and late last night we went outside to sit at our patio table and this large, hairy, grey furred creature with a long tail that resembled a very large rat startled us more than we did it!

We were about to sit when we noticed it and it just kept doing what it was doing while we were slowly trying to creep back in the house!

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Aug 30, 2014
That's a Possum!
by: Fran Sancroft

Your visitor was a Possum .... you are lucky! We have Possums in Pickering, but I have only seen dead ones! :-( ... I'd love to see one live and in person! They are omnivores, eating garden pests, bugs, worms and other things that may eat your garden, so enjoy them! They have immigrated from the southern US and have established themselves here in Ontario.

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