Mid-day in the back yard!

by Jackie
(Waterloo, Ontario)

Just saw one in the back yard, (just after noon, June 7th, 2011)!

We live in Uptown Waterloo, but back onto a wooded lot near the Breithaupt woods.

I grew up in the country and saw them all the time, but never so close to the house.

I tried to grab the camera but as soon as I slid the door open it jumped over the fence into the adjacent wooded area.

A little concerning since I have 3 young children.

The Humane society said to have a radio going when outside to help Coyotes steer clear of us humans...

Strange to see one mid-day, but looked healthy and didn't have any trouble jumping the fence.

Looks like kitty will have to be on his toes when he's roaming around out back!


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