Long Term Resident Long-eared Owl couple spend Winter by York University

by N Mosley
(North York, Ontario, Canada)

Long Eared Owl

Long Eared Owl

In early December of 2014 I first laid my eyes on the spectacular Long-eared Owl.

The Owl was accompanied by its partner (presumably a male and female) and became residents of the small patchy forested areas adjacent to York University.

On successive Nigh-birding outings throughout the winter the pair could readily be found hunting around the same territory, usually perched stoically on branches and street signs watching for movement.

I was surprised by the consistency of the pairs appearance and longevity of their stay, which lasted up until the end of February.

The Owls were a welcomed addition to the bland, bird-deprived winter environment of North York, and permitted much wanted fruitful birding excursions over many snowy months.

© Mihaibaciu | Dreamstime.com - Long Eared Owl Photo

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