Lone coyote again!

by Wendala
(Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)

June 17 & 19/11. Live in Oshawa at Hwy 2/Stevenson Road S. and Waverly Street S.

I put my dog, a Springer/Labrador breed, out a few times a night in a fenced backyard, where there is a open lot between the 2 houses, when I spotted a Coyote strolling up the field around 1:30 am.

First I thought is was a young deer, but the movement was like a dog/wolf/coyote, so I yelled to scare him off. But he just stopped and looked at me, then moved on.

I have such a fear on how unpredictable they are. See that I have been keeping aware of my surrounding. Now it will be in force.

Knowing that they can take a large dog down too.

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