Large Coyote Tom Chater Park

by Mandy
(Mississauga, Ontario )

October 25th 2011, two of our readers wrote to tell us about a large animal they saw in Mississauga

Mandy says -
There was a large Coyote spotted running across soccer field at 7:40 am Tom Chater park in Mississauga.

I was amazed at how large it was!

Probably it's back was 3 feet high, bigger than 90% of dogs I see

Another readers also saw a large Coyote in the same park - This morning at 7:40 am I was walking my 30 pound dog along a pathway beside one 3 forest spaces along Tom Chater park, Mississauga, Ontario.

A man with a larger dog informed me that an animal, possibly a Coyote was dipping in and out of the woods. We proceeded past together, and when out in the open, passing the soccer field.

The man pointed across the field. I immediately saw a very large, beautiful, tall and healthy animal bounding along the other side of the soccer field.

I was amazed by it's size and beautiful fluid motion.

As it disappeared the man stated he couldn't believe it's size. He said he has seen a number of Coyotes, usually looking more mangy. This animal was so tall, looked like hip to waist high, much larger than any of the dogs I usually see...

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Oct 12, 2012
Coyote in Tom Chater Park
by: Anonymous

I just saw a Coyote walking on pathway in park - it spotted me and stared our way as I had my two small dogs with me - did I stick around? NO WAY! He was big and scruffy - at 6:30 pm ...

Feb 06, 2012
Coyote Seen Beside Tom Chater Park
by: Anonymous

Over the last several months I have been hearing barking and howling in the tree lot next to Tom Chater Park.

It was not until yesterday night at 1:30 am that the Coyote emerged from the tree lot and barked and howled for a good minute or two.

Looks healthy and was quite large 2-3 feet tall.

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