Lambton Shores

by John
(Lambton Shores, Ontario, Canada)

In Lambton Shores, Ontario along the Ausable River, I am 99% sure I saw a Wolf.

The animal jumped over the snow bank and guard-rail in front of me and in three leaps cleared the shoulder of both sides of the road and on the fourth leap jumped over the guard-rail and snow bank on the other side of the road.

I am 44 years old and hunted Coyotes in the past and this dog was three times the size.

I have a dog that weighs 90 pounds and compared to this animal he was a dwarf! This animal I am referring to had huge legs, paws, and a big head.

It was a beautiful animal but something I have never seen before.

Thank you so much for writing to let us know about your wildlife sighting - what a wonderful sight to see!

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