It was not a pretty bird

by George
(Brantford, Ontario, Canada)

Saturday November 16th 2013, Powerline Road (almost at Smokey Hollow), time of day 11:00 am.

Two very large birds were spotted circling, then one came to rest on a fence post.

We kept driving as we were going to Smokey Hollow for their annual bazaar.

My passenger noticed different markings as I had to drive and mind the road.

Large feathers, dark brown with a red tinge and looked very oily.

The feathers reminded me of large feathers on a turkey.

My passenger said red cheeks and I noticed the beak to be large, bent, yellowish in colour more like a tan colour.

Can you tell me if this was a Vulture?

It sounds to me as if this may have been a Turkey Vulture.

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