Ferrets or weasels on Lake Simcoe

by B Russell
(Innisfil, Ontario)

We were able to observe at least two small creatures which appear to be weasels, in the mornings between 7 and 11 am diving (disappearing) into the lake and returning with heads up and something in their mouths.

They took turns doing this and disappeared into the bushes. For a while they had been living under our deck a neighbor reports.

They have dark short fur, and are able to stand up and look at you much like a prairie dog.

Glad to read that they eat mice, so we will cherish their presence here at Big Bay Point.

Sorry you can't process the MOV file which I tried to send, as it is a good little video.

They are too fast for still shots.

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Apr 14, 2018
think it's a mink
by: Mouse

It was the ice storm in April 2018 and I went down to Lake Simcoe boat launch in Barrie, Ontario. I saw a few Mergansers and then happened to see what I believe is a Mink zipping along the ice at the shore. He was in and out of the rocks along the shoreline. Never saw one before, but googled it and have to conclude it's a mink. Will be looking for them now.

Oct 23, 2016
by: Anonymous

We were certain a Weasel killed one of our chickens. We set a live trap and sure enough at approx 6 pm there is a Weasel and they do have a very strong awful smell released when frightened. We drove quite a while and let the critter out of the trap and away it went! We live just outside of Orillia close to Lake Couchiching. The live trap is set again we will see if there are anymore Weasels willing to be captured.

Sep 25, 2016
Mink eating my pond koi.
by: Dawn

I had one really large Koi and two smaller butterfly Koi as well as seven varied sizes of goldfish. My neighbour reported to me that he had a Mink in his pond and it probably ate all of mine as well. The Mink was unsuccessful at getting the 7 babies that were born this year.

Aug 26, 2015
Mink on Lake Simcoe
by: Anonymous

I've heard that they are eating the gobies. Good! But hopefully the mink population doesn't get out of hand.

Aug 18, 2014
Minks at Lake Simcoe (Innisfil)
by: Alan

I saw two of them in the bushes off the pier near the public park in Innisfil today and wondered what they were. I'm glad I googled it and saw this site. Upon comparing images of ferrets, weasels and minks, I think Brian has it right, they're minks. They seemed quite unfazed by my proximity (I was 3 feet away and peering into the bushes for a better look) and looked me in the eye but moved away into the rocks after a few seconds.

Aug 09, 2014
by: Brian

I think these are minks. I was just walking this Saturday afternoon (Aug 9)on the Bronte harbour marina pier and a mink came scampering down the sidewalk - people thought it was a lost pet ferret. It finally disappeared into the big rocks by the water's edge.

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