Eight Baltimores Joined by One Orchard Oriole

by Shelley
(London, Ontario, Canada )

Lots of Colour

Lots of Colour

Felt my feeders were hosting the same birds every day, that is until May 11th. When we came home from outing, couldn't believe that I was seeing Rose Breasted Grosbeaks and Baltimore Orioles.

What a colour show, along with the usual assortment of brightly coloured finches. It was a delight each day to see these visitors that we hoped would stay. We had to prepare our patio door to prevent the beauties from hitting.

They all stayed, joined by 2 hummers and a couple of migrating warblers that just passed through.

Sadly though, local fireworks frightened them away on May 16th. Slowly seeing a few Orioles (competing with squirrels) for the oranges.

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