Eastern Ontario Wolves

by S. Lafleur
(East Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada)



One of our readers from Eastern Ontario, sends us this report - Once while driving on Hwy 17 between Hawkesbury and the 417, I saw a Wolf waiting to cross the highway, it was standing on the snowbank shortly after dusk, and frequently between St. Eugene and Voyager Park you can hear them howling, much different than the cry of the Coyote.

It literally sends chills up my spine, and in the winter when they are close by, you can smell them in the air, before you see or hear them, more so than in the summer.

Thank you for sending this report to us, I'm sure our visitors will enjoy reading about your experiences!

Hawkesbury is between Ottawa and Montreal, near the Ottawa River.

The picture of a Wolf on this page is courtesy of Dreamstime

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Nov 30, 2016
I saw a Wolf too in the same area
by: Anonymous

I saw a Wolf on the same stretch of highway, must have been back around May to June time when I was heading back to Hawkesbury from Montreal. It was about 8 pm or so, and was near the road just around Voyager park. He was right by the road side and didn't seem the least bit bothered about the traffic on the road.

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