Coyotes in Whitby

by D.J.
(Whitby, Ontario)

My house is a new development in North Whitby, near Baldwin and Taunton Rd and backs on to a forest/greenspace. At around 10pm on June 13, 2010, as I was getting ready for bed and with my bedroom window open, I could clearly hear the call of what sounded like several Coyotes.

It started off as a single howl that quickly transcended into a chorus of excited yelps and barks. This continued on for several seconds at which point there was another eerie howl, and then silence.

They have been sighted in the area, although I haven't witnessed any, so this confirmed for me their existence in our forest.

If I'm lucky enough, I'll get a picture one day...

Quite entertaining indeed!

If you do get a picture of one of the Coyotes, please send it in to us, I'd like to add it to this page!

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