Coyotes in Greensville

by Emily
(Greensville, Ontario, Canada)

I live right beside a field in Greensville, near Dundas, Ontario, and I have some forest and the quarry behind my house.

A couple years ago I saw a Coyote for the first time during the DAY running along the field towards Greensville school.

I shouted out to it and it just stopped and stared at me.

I have since seen a lone Coyote many times in the field (and even running through the backyards) during the day time.

This past summer I have heard large packs of Coyotes yipping at night.

One of the nights they were so incredibly loud and I heard a dog barking back at them.

This went on until all of a sudden both the pack of coyotes and dog went completely silent.

I don't know if this means it got the dog... I have heard this go on more frequently lately.

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