Coyote spotted in woods, near Kitchener, Ontario

by Lori-Ann Dale
(Kitchener, Ontario)

I took my dog for a walk this morning. We went through the forest near my home in Kitchener. I had my black lab off leash (as I usually do through the bush) and I saw a Coyote very near us, watching.

My dog did not sense it (thank God) or she would have taken off toward it, and ......? I quickly called my dog and put her leash back on. I was so scared.

The Coyote just stood there ready to attack, I'm sure. I made some loud threatening noises to scare it off. I scared my dog, but the Coyote just strolled away and I didn't see it again, but I wonder if it was following.

It was very frightening!

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