Chatham Possum

by James
(Chatham, Ontario, Canada)


I've been putting out food for the neighbourhood cat. Yes, I know.

Anyway, I heard some rather rambunctious crunching and went to see.

I was quite surprised to see a waterlogged Possum!

Quite sad about it, the kitty wont be fed now.

Thank you for telling us about your visitor, and the cute picture!

I will also post this on our facebook page as our facebook followers will also enjoy this!

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Dec 17, 2018
Thanks. newspaper websites are carrying more and more ads.
by: the Meyers

We feed a stray cat whom we've named Negra. We left cat food out and a possum showed up. Turns out there are two of them. One looks like a teenager and the other is quite small. Not sure if they are male or female. We also not sure if we should feed them as we have 3 cats, plus the stray and the neighbour's cat.

Bless you for feeding the Possums as well as the cats! The Possums won't harm the cats and seem to try to avoid trouble when they can, and if they can't avoid trouble they fall over and "play dead".

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