Birds of Prey in Barrie

by Vanessa
(Barrie, Ontario)

My 2 yr old son and I were out taking a walk down our street, when he looked up into the sky and pointed to some very large birds flying by.

I thought they looked very large, but didn't realize exactly how large util one landed on the road about 15 to 20 feet away from us.

At first I thought it was one of the Wild Turkeys that we sometimes see driving through the country but soon realized it wasn't. Then it just flew away when the other one wouldn't land with him.

It was so amazing that we just stood there and watched them flying around above us.

Wow, how great for you to see them up close like that.

They may have been some kind of Hawk, but if they reminded you of Turkeys, they may have been
Turkey Vultures
, as they are returning to Southern Ontario at the moment.

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