Bald Eagles

by Lisa Birtch
(London, Ontario, Canada)

In the middle of November we went for a walk around Fanshawe Lake, in London, Ontario. We were aware that there is an eagle's nest somewhere around the lake, but weren't sure where. Well, we found the nest on our walk and made note of landmarks so we'd be able to monitor and keep an eye on it.

We were just resigned to not seeing the Eagle, and then, on the last corner before we got to the parking lot, there it was!

It sat and posed for quite a while before taking off across the lake.

We went back on January 2nd 2011 and saw him/her again, just before we ended our walk, flying out across the lake.

Such a rush to see these amazing birds so close!

Thank you so much for telling us about your Bald Eagle sighting - you are so fortunate to see these magnificent birds in London.

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