Bald Eagles throughout Southern Ontario

by John, Jane B, Alison V, Mary, Stephanie, John B, Jennie G, Tim, Lor, D. Burjorjee, Andre, Brian, John, Suresh N, S. Clipperton
(Caledonia, Pigeon Lake, Milton, Georgetown, Orillia, Ridgeway, Wellington North Township, Oakville, Toronto, Burlington, Elora Gorge, Stratford, Belleville area, Charleston Lake, Innisfil)

We have received an amazing number of Bald Eagle sightings recently - here are the latest!

Jon from Caledonia recently spotted Eagles near Middleport, he said ... My wife and I were driving to Caledonia from Brantford this morning when I noticed a large bird sitting atop an old dead tree on the north side of the Grand River, close to the Riverbend restaurant. We stopped the vehicle and I was able to get a good view and was pleased to see a Bald Eagle, only minutes from my home. I surveyed the area and discovered another larger (presumably female) Eagle about 30-40 yards away in another tree. Having only my cell phone the pictures that I did get aren't worth posting however, as we continued our travels I found what I believe to be a potential nest, large in size, over 1 meter in diameter, high up in the treeline on the north side of the river, approximately 20-30 meters from shore. I plan on keeping an eye on my new friends over the next few months and will share any photos I may get. I'm thrilled that they are here!

Jane B wrote to say ... A pair of bald eagles over Pigeon Lake, Bobcaygeon - Jan 2016 Spent about twenty minutes (so far - actually they are still there as I type) watching a pair of Eagles hunting along the unfrozen channel that leads into Bobcaygeon from Pigeon Lake. They are landing on the ice occasionally then flying around for a bit and landing further along the ice line. They don't seem to have been too successful so far but it's wonderful to sit and watch them.

Alison Vankerrebroeck was very excited to see a Bald Eagle, she wrote ... I was driving along a back country road just south-east of Otterville when I looked beside me and saw a majestic Bald Eagle on the edge of a soybean field that had recently been combined. I was so excited that I slammed on the brakes to take a picture on my phone. It then flew away and I couldn't get a great picture. I noticed another one flying as well. Later I drove by again & saw them flying over a nearby woods. What an exciting start to my day!!

Mary wrote to say ... I believe I saw a Bald Eagle today. I was playing golf at Glen Cairn on highway 25 north of the 401. This bird flew very low over the course. It had a white head and tail and as it flew overhead there was some white within the underside of the wings. It was not as large as I would think a Bald Eagle would be, but it had a totally white head and tail. Would love to know what others think.

Stephanie from Georgetown wrote to tell us ... This morning I saw a Bald Eagle flying over the Credit River in Georgetown, Ontario. This is the second time I've seen a Bald Eagle over this stretch of the Credit River - though the other time was last fall, so still fairly recent. I keep my eyes peeled all the time, as I live across the street from the river, in fact, I saw this Eagle as I was leaving my street today, February 4th 2016.

John Beattie from Orillia, Ontario, wrote ... Before you say it "No, what I saw wasn't an Osprey!". This fella was bigger, with a white head, white tail and screeched as Eagles do. I was amazed to see him as we were on the boat, if you have ever heard the Bald Eagle's screech it is very distinctive. I'm jumping around trying to see if it was and did not see anything. About an hour later I heard it again and there he was, a nice low level fly by. Simply amazing and I can not wait to see him again.

Jenny G wrote to say ... I was walking the Friendship Trail in Ridgeway very near to Fort Erie, Ontario. I heard crows squawking and carrying on. When I looked up I did a double take because I saw a Bald Eagle sitting way up high in a tree. It was obviously making the crows uncomfortable. It flew from the tree and I was able to watch it soar away. Of course I wasn't able to get my phone out in time to take a picture. Smiling face (black and white)

Tim from Wellington North Township wrote to say ... Driving home from Mount Forest, Ontario, on Tuesday February 2 2016, I spotted what I thought might be an Osprey high in a tree overlooking #6 highway. The closer I got the more I was sure it had to be a Bald Eagle. After looking at the pictures of them, there is no doubt. A very mild winter day. Maybe he was looking for Wiarton Willie?

from Milton, Ontario wrote to say ... I was just driving home from Acton and spotted a lone Bald Eagle north of highway 401 on highway 25. I had to Google to see if they were even in Ontario and came upon this post. Amazing!

D. Burjorjee from Oakville, wrote to say ... While walking in Lemoines Point in Kingston, Ontario, on February 14 2016, with the temperature around -25c we saw a Bald Eagle flying. It was a beautiful and surprising sight.

Andre from Toronto reported ... I'm working at Danforth Ave and Woodbine in Toronto. I just happened to look up and I'm thinking to myself "That's odd, I've never seen that kinda bird before" and it came to me ... Bald Eagle! It was flying pretty low to see what it was, it did a few turns in the sky and it took off flying north. Never seen one before in Ontario and it blew me away.

Brian from Burlington said ... on Friday January 29, 2016, I saw the unmistakable white head of a single Bald Eagle flying north over Cedar Springs Road. First time for me...

One of our readers wrote to tell us about his February 5th sighting ... I was on my way back from Fergus, just past the Elora Gorge Conservation Area, the road follows the river. This huge bird flew across the road in front of me and did a swoop and turn over the field maybe twenty feet up and headed back towards the river. It had a white head and a white tail and the wingspan was really big. When I got home I looked it up and I was surprised to find out I had just seen a Bald Eagle. I knew they were around, but I had never seen one. I wish I would have had my camera to catch this beast on film. I may go back up with my camera to see if I can locate him and get a few photos.

On January 31 2016, a reader wrote to report ... I spotted a Bald Eagle today, flying quite low, on Perth County Rd 30, between side road 32 & Highway 8 (just outside of Stratford, Ontario). First time ever seeing one in South Western Ontario, and I keep my eye out for them & other birds of prey during my travels all the time. Unfortunately I had left my camera at home today.

A reader wrote to say ... I saw a Bald Eagle on Harmony Road, close to highway 37, this was January 18 , 2016

John from Charleston Lake wrote to say ... Bald Eagle sighting at 7:40 pm today, August 18, on small island in Big Waters, Charleston Lake. We often see Ospreys in the same location in the late afternoon / early evening on the hunt for fish. The Eagle left its high perch as we approached by boat and flew across a beautiful sunset. No camera of course. Next time.

Suresh Nellikode wrote to tell us ... I was on my evening stroll through Fairview Street, Burlington. When I reached near to the UPS Store, I heard an unremitting shriek of two birds. I felt something unusual in that frantic fly around of the tiny birds. The birds looked like some type of wrens or sparrows. I'm not very sure of that. They were literally crying around non stop. I stood for a while to check and found a bigger bird amongst the twigs of the bushy tree with something in its mouth hanging. I thought for while that they must be preparing their nest. Going closer to the tree, to my shock I found that it's a Bald Eagle holding a hatchling in its beak. The Eagle flew up and rested on the nearby building and two birds were rounding it up with an inherent fear of encountering a bigger one. I'm sure that the Eagle had raided their nest and picked up their younger one. Then the Eagle flew and sat on a roadside lamp post. The birds were flying around in distress and incapable of a direct attack to the Eagle. It was a terrible experience for me and I felt so sad that I couldn't do anything fruitfully.

S. Clipperton from Innisfil wrote to report ... In early April 2015, on the north side of Lockhart Road between Yonge Street and Huronia Road there are the remains of a homestead with some very tall Pine Trees. My wife and I saw something roosting in the trees. With binoculars, we realized it was a large brown Eagle. To our surprise, a second eagle was also in the tree. It had been obscured by the first one. As they flew west from the tree, we saw, through the binoculars that there were many Turkeys roosting in the trees bordering the property. The Turkeys were obvious and distinctly different from the Eagles.

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Nov 16, 2017
Bald Eagle north Perth
by: Coker

Had a Bald Eagle swoop in front of my car between Bluevale and Molesworth, Ontario. First one I've seen in Ontario. Shalom.

Jul 09, 2017
In London Ontario
by: Nick

An American Bald Eagle just flew down and stormed the ducks in the pond 5 minutes ago. We are in Talbot Village in London Ontario.

Jan 24, 2017
Bald Eagle spotted in Belle River, Ontario
by: Rick Beneteau

Last week I was working in my home office overlooking Lake St. Clair and a gorgeous Bald Eagle flew right past my window not more than 15 feet from where an excited me was sitting. Couldn't grab my camcorder in time:-)

Dec 18, 2016
Bald Eagle Horseshoe Lake Minden
by: Stephanie Hayes

December 17, 2016. We watched a Bald Eagle close by, soaring, diving & swooping back and forth over the open water on Horseshoe Lake narrows near Minden Wild Water Reserve. Six Mallards were diving down in the water trying to get out of range. The Eagle's wingspan was about 6 feet, head & tail feathers white. Finally the Eagle landed in the water for a long time. We now have five mallards on the open water and a satisfied Eagle.

Apr 29, 2016
Bald Eagle Ridgeway
by: Cindy

I saw a beautiful Bald Eagle soaring above the trees on Nigh Road, Ridgeway, Ontario, on April 28th 2016

Mar 03, 2016
by: Valerie

I just saw a Mature Bald Eagle, Hwy 6, approx. 2 kms south of Mount Forest, Ontario, in a tree, overlooking the highway. I have photo of him/her in the tree. Just beautiful!!!

Feb 29, 2016
Eagle at Danforth and Woodbine
by: Anonymous

That's close to here. Hope it doesn't eat anybody's cat. I wonder if it will do anything to the huge squirrel population in the city. We already had a Hawk and of course the Peregrine Falcons.

Feb 29, 2016
Bald Eagles on the French River
by: Michael

My sister has a cottage on the French River, Four Mile Island area, there are a pair that return every year. They had to babies 2 years ago and they had just one last summer. They are amazing.

Feb 28, 2016
LaSalle, Ontario, Canada
by: Cindy

I have a nest 3 doors down from my home in Lasalle, Ontario, and just took video of 2 beautiful Eagles this afternoon. Hoping my friend can bring his drone over so we can get some good video from the air.

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