Bald Eagles spotted

by Three of our readers

One of our readers says ..... I recently saw a Bald Eagle, twice this week! Once on my way home from Belleville to Northbrook area. Then again yesterday flying over top of our house in Harlowe, Ontario (just past Northbrook). At first I thought I was seeing things, but then after looking up photos on the bird, realized, yes I did see an American Bald Eagle.

Leslie Foster of Jordan, Ontario, says ..... at the QEW in Jordan, I was driving to work, going east on the QEW between 13th Street and Gregory Road at the 16 mile creek, I looked up and flying only about 40 above the busy highway was a Bald Eagle flying from Lake Ontario towards the creek. It was so close that I could clearly see its eyes - What a beautiful bird!

Another reader reports - A Bald eagle sighting north of Lindsay Ontario - Spotted a Bald Eagle in Cambray Ontario approx 20km north west of Lindsay.

Thank you for letting us know about these Bald Eagle sightings in your areas!

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Mar 27, 2019
Bald Eagle in Belville
by: Anonymous

I saw a Bald Eagle today! I was walking my dog and just glanced up and I couldn't believe it, we live in Belleville, Ontario.

Mar 24, 2015
Glen Abbey Golf Club
by: Jim - Oakville

This past weekend (March 21, 2015) I spotted a Bald Eagle off the Upper Middle bridge which passes over the Glen Abbey Golf Club. The bird flew while keeping pace with my vehicle on the north side of the bridge. Almost as if it knew I was watching.

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