Bald Eagle sighting in West Lincoln

by Margie Rietveld
(Fonthill, Ontario, Ontario)

We were driving along Regional Road 65 or Silver Road. We thought it was a very large Hawk until we got close and realized it was a Bald Eagle. I pulled over and backed the car up.

To see a sighting like that is unusual, but sure enough that's what it was. A bald eagle in West Lincoln.

How exciting! It's got to be good luck or something!

Yes, Margie, I think it must be good luck to see a Bald Eagle - I have been lucky enough to see several in the wild, but I feel the same each time I see one - I am filled with delight at the sight!

Here is a picture of a Bald Eagle, whichi, I hope, looks like the one you saw.

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Dec 06, 2011
Lincoln Sighting
by: Gord

I saw a Bald Eagle a couple of days ago (Dec.4/11) crossing John St. in Beamsville, Ontario.

What a sight!

Thanks for your story.

Here is a link to Gord's Bald Eagle sighting

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