Bald Eagle sighting Huron County March 5, 2010

by Shawn Fair
(Goderich, Ontario, Canada)

One of our readers from Goderich sent us this report - On the way home from work today on Donnybrook Line heading towards Auburn, I was just checking out the countryside as usual on this especially beautiful Friday afternoon, when I spotted this massive bird gliding through the sky.

I always pay special attention to large birds of prey and thought it was a Hawk from afar. I can usually spot Turkey Vultures and Crows and don't really care much for them, but since I thought it was a Hawk, I watched it closer.

When it was close enough to see the colors I couldn't believe my eyes! It was a Bald Eagle! I said to my colleague, "Look at that bird, it's an Eagle!" I have never seen one before in my entire life! We watched it as it continued gliding gracefully, likely looking for a nice meal on it's way west toward the river.

Very cool,

I hope they continue to prosper.

Thank you Shawn, I too hope that these magnificent birds continue to prosper in this area

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Apr 24, 2016
Bald Eagle in Wroxeter
by: Dave. Vandenberg

Saturday April 23 2016...spotted a Bald Eagle in Wroxeter, Ontario, fishing the Maitland River.

Jan 11, 2015
January 11, 2015
by: Anonymous

We were quite amazed to see a mature Bald Eagle this morning just north of Goderich. Soaring just off the bluff, flying south along the beach. It was a wonderful sight. Hope to see more.

Dec 25, 2013
Eagle on Christmas
by: Anonymous

A large beautiful Eagle spoted this morning soaring Blue Water beach towards Bayfeild. What a sight to see while having morning coffee.

Jul 21, 2013
Dashwood Eagle
by: Anonymous

Driving home from Grand Bend today we spotted a Bald Eagle soaring around Dashwood!

Apr 18, 2013
Sighting between Bayfield and Goderich
by: Spin2Win

We recently built a new home on the lake side of hwy 21, and since the winter of 2012, I've spotted a Bald Eagle 4-5 times.

I was shocked the first time, as I had never seen one in the area though I'd been summering there for over 50 years.

I spotted the bird flying, and watched as it landed on an ice promontory last February. Other sightings have mainly been in the winter, as they stand out more without the crows and seagulls buzzing around.

I am curious to know where they might be nesting, and how big there range is.

Great job ensuring they have the right habitat to return to the area!

Mar 26, 2013
Bald Eagles near Bayfield
by: Anonymous

We have recently been sighting Bald Eagles on the lake shore about 5 kilometers south of Bayfield. There are 2 adults with the tell-tale white heads, and what appears to be 3 juveniles that are mostly brown. They are quite large and seemingly close to maturity. They are sighted almost daily and have been in the area for about 6 weeks now, hunting for fish and perching in trees near the lake shore. I have been cottaging in the area for 25 years and have never seen Bald Eagles in the area before this.

Apr 09, 2011
Bald Eagles - Huron County 2011
by: huroncountywildlifephotography. ca

I have seen up to 15 mature and immature Bald Eagles,in one tree. Recently there were 2 adults teaching youngsters how to fish the edge of the ice in Goderich, Ontario.

They can frequently be seen flying through the floodplain by the golf course in Goderich on their way to the lake also.

The bridge is a great place to see them fly by.

Bayfield, along the lakefront, is an area to see them as well as the nesting pair in the Pinery Provincial Park.

With a good camera you can get a photo of the nest.

I know of one nesting pair sitting on eggs right now and two other nests that appear empty this season.

Mar 13, 2011
Bald Eagle near Goderich
by: Anonymous

Yes, on March 11th 2011 on highway 21, I saw my first ever Bald Eagle, just south of Goderich, Ontario.

I have seen Bald Eagles from afar in Tennesee and once I saw a large Eagle in Peterborough county 40 yrs ago, but I had never seen a Bald Eagle with the distinctive white head up close.

It was sitting in a large tree near the top, I stopped and watched it for about 5 minutes.

May 30, 2010
Bald Eagle Sighting
by: Anonymous

We were going to Arkona, Ontario, to do some fossil hunting today, and just as we drove over the Thames River bridge on Hwy 402, a large mature Bald Eagle came soaring into view.

It's brilliant white head and tail were contrasted against a very deep blue sky. The Eagle was about 25 meters above the ground and was soaring effortlessly. Simply magnificent!

May 12, 2010
Eagle sighting
by: Fran P

While driving to work this morning (May 12th 2010) on Upper Lake Range Road, between Point Clark and Kincardine, I saw what I thought was a Wild Turkey up ahead in the road. I slowed down as I got closer and I realized "this is no wild turkey or even a turkey vulture,(which are prevalent in this area) it is in fact an Eagle.

It was very large, mostly brown in colour, and when it opened its wings it had what looked like splotchy white patches on its back and wings.

My first thought was a young Eagle because it didn't exactly take off into the sky, but more of take-off-glide-hop into the adjacent field. It didn't look injured (Gosh! I truly hope not).

I'm thinking it was just a young one learning to fly. But I really don't know. I just know it was big and beautiful. I did take a picture but it's not a good one unfortunately.

Fran P

Mar 08, 2010
Bald Eagles are back!
by: Christina

I have had the priviledge of bird watching and photographing all winter long near Auburn (along the Maitland River)and have seen several Bald Eagles.

On one particular day in February 2010, I saw 3 mature (white head, white tail) Bald Eagles and 3 immature individuals - so there must be at least 2 sets of nesting Eagles in the area with thriving offspring.

This is such exciting news. I have yet to find information about their prevelance in the area, and I can only summize that if a passerby sees one of these massive, glorious birds, that they just don't know what kind of bird it is ... they are hard to miss if you know what to look for.

They are there - without a doubt.

Thanks, Christina, for your input - I love to see these magnificent birds when I am out and about in Southern Ontario

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