Bald Eagle near Dorchester

by Cheryl
(London, Ontario, Canada)

10 August 2011

Bald eagle flying north whilst en route to Slo-Pitch City via Commissioner's Road / Hamilton Roa.

Just west of Dorchester, Ontario, near the southern arm of the Thames (I think).

Very impressive - I found this page because I didn't think Bald Eagles had any business being in the area and wanted to get some verification!

Thanks for letting us know about your Bald Eagle sighting - and yes Cheryl, there must be several in this area.

I have seen one in a tree at the Guy Lombardo Bridge on Wonderland Road, London, and also saw one close to St Thomas, and again I spotted two soaring high above Cherry Hill Mall on Oxford Street, London!

In the Woodstock / Tillsonburg area we once saw four in one day - a pair south of Woodstock, near Norwich, and another two that we watched from the Tim Horton's on Simcoe Street, at the east end of Tillsonburg, so they are here!

Thanks again for letting us know!

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