Bald Eagle at Pittock, Woodstock,ON

by Michelle
(Woodstock, Ontario, Canada)

November 11 2010

We were at Pittock Conservation Area in Woodstock, Ontario, and while looking for fossil rocks on the beach, I happened to look toward the Mallard ducks and saw a large wing span.

After watching what we concluded to be a Bald Eagle, possibly female but we aren't sure, we left quickly to grab some binoculars and sat on the beach for a few hours watching this bird.

When it would fly again after resting in the trees, all the Mallard ducks would sort of flock to where the Eagle would land on the tree stumps in the water.

Two seagulls repeatedly would "chase" the Eagle until it retreated back into the trees again.

I watched this bird for hours.

I don't know how to write about it being that it was more of an awesome, spiritual experience.

Being in this town most of my life, it was the first time I had ever seen a Bald Eagle here.

Thank you for the report of your Bald Eagle sighting - I too have seen Bald Eagles in the area between Woodstock and Tillsonburg, so I know they are around.

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May 26, 2018
Still here
by: Anonymous

Spotted today flying over the new development (Havelock) just north of Pittock.

Apr 05, 2014
Spotted April 5th, 2014
by: Anonymous

We were at Pittock today walking along the lake and spotted the Bald Eagle. It flew very low over our heads, and had a seagull swooping at it when it would fly over the water.

Aug 21, 2011
Bald Eagle at Pittock Lake
by: Carol

We live in the Chieftain apartments, and both my husband and I have seen a Bald Eagle flying over Pittock Lake.

It's truly amazing to watch - so beautiful, and huge!

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