Bald Eagle at Crowe River south of Marmora

by Justin
(Marmora, Ontario, Canada)

Bald Eagle in flight

Bald Eagle in flight

One of our readers from Marmora, Ontario, sent us this report - I am quite sure I saw a Bald Eagle on June 5th, 2010, on Crowe River, just south of Marmora, near Healy Falls. It was flying high in the sky, large, with a distinctive white head.

I see there is a sighting near Healy Falls, which is about 5 km from from my cottage location.

Thanks for telling us about your sighting of this majestic bird, the Bald Eagle - I wonder if there are a pair nesting in that area?

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Feb 03, 2015
Bald Eagle sighting on Hwy 7,west of Marmora
by: Ray Middleton, Madoc

Tuesday, February 3 2015. On my way home to Madoc from visiting mom in Havelock, I pulled over and watched a beautiful Bald Eagle soaring over Hwy.7 perhaps only 50 feet up. It went right over my head and I watched it for several minutes. Just west of Marmora by that 'western town' leather place. I'm from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and have seen hundreds of them over the years, so I am 100% positive of its I.D. It was low enough and close enough to plainly see the distinctive white head and tail. Also heard it screech once. Will grab my camera and go back and cruise the area for the next few days to see if I can get some pictures! It made my day!!!

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