Another visit from this bird of prey

by Tiffany Guiza
(London, Ontario, Canada )

So everyday since the first time I ever got a visit from such a majestic and proud animal, it has been coming back daily.

Just watching over my yard. With or without people in the yard. It just sits and watches.

The first time I saw the bird I thought it was a Red Tailed Hawk, although now I'm unsure as it also looks like a young eagle.

Please let me know exactly what kind of bird this is as I'm sure there are plenty of experts out there, but unfortunately I am not one so I can't be sure. Thank you.

Wow! Thank you for submitting such great pictures!

I'm sure that one of our readers will be able to positively identify this hawk.

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Feb 01, 2020
Red-Tailed Hawk
by: Anonymous

Definitely a red-tailed hawk and what a delightful, little fellow, indeed! Certainly a very curious bird and he's not a juvenile, so it's not like he's checking things out because everything is new to him. This could also be a female but I'm sure a true expert would be able to tell the difference and let us know. The male RTH is smaller than the female RTH, but when there's only a single bird, I can't tell the difference. :)

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