A Coyote was shadowing me and my dog

by Bruce Ireland
(Kitchener, Ontario)

I took my dog for a walk tonight at 10:00 on a bicycle path off of Williamsburg Road in Kitchener. My Beagle stopped and looked into a small field behind some houses, approximately 30 feet away and he whined. I could only see a light brown shape, and kept walking, not taking the animal out of sight.

It followed us, from my 9 o'clock position, around behind us to my 3 o'clock, and kept pace for a minute. Then he passed and walked ahead, where he stopped on a sidewalk under a street light. It was unmistakably a coyote. It looked around, then vanished into a small ravine.

Thanks for the info, Bruce, maybe other readers have seen this animal, or his friends, lately too!

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