A City Wolf, believe it or not...

(Toronto, Bloor West Village, Ontario, Canada)

In the city of Toronto, Ontario, outside the downtown core, in a huge park in a residential neighbourhood called HIGH PARK, we spotted a single Wolf (could have been a Coyote?).

It was late summer last year (2009) around dusk ... he stood many yards ahead of us, but close enough for us to identify that it wasn't a domestic dog.

The Wolf (or Coyote) stood deeper in the forested area of High Park, off the main trails ... I definitely wasn't expecting to see that!

Thank you for your report - it was likely a Coyote that you saw, Coyotes seem to have made the adjustment to human activity around them, but Wolves would not make that adaptation, so it was unlikely to be a Wolf - very interesting report - thank you!


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