Possibly Cooper's Hawk

by Adam
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

The predator sits on the magnolia tree in front of my window looking at birds and squirrels feeding under the bird feeder.

Which one out of three Squirrels, four Cardinals and five Sparrows, in the most tasty?

Yes, that is likely what he is thinking .....

I'm not sure what kind of Hawk that is, but one of our readers may know.

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Jan 27, 2012
Cooper´s Hawk?
by: Mary Lynn

I bet it was a Cooper´s Hawk. They are famous for visiting bird feeders as small birds are their favourite food. I don´t think they can take on a squirrel as they are not big enough.

They are always investigating my bird feeders. They hang out for a while in a nearby tree. They have a dark grey back or charcoal and the belly of the male can be a sort of peachy colour. It is made up of bands of white and beige - but looks peachy from a distance.

Usually all the birds will have disappeared once he or she comes on the scene. They also have a call that sounds like: Kek, Kek, Kek.

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