London: Can't Understand Your Comments

by Jake
(London, Ontario, Canada)

Well, I read with interest your comments on London, Ontario.

It would seem that this page is somewhat outdated. The city is no longer the home of life insurance companies and financial institutions. If it is, it's in name only.

The winters are long, cold, snowy and dreary. There really isn't much to do here when it comes to indoor activities that I can find. Walking or moving around the city in the winter is dominated by the cold weather and snow.

I have found the residents unfriendly. It's impossible to find a family doctor here, notwithstanding the relatively large number of hospitals. Quite frankly, it's easier, in my opinion, to disappear in this city than it is in Toronto. It has almost none of the benefits of a large city and none of the pleasures of a small town. It's stuck uncomfortably in the middle, with not much doing in small business and scarce job opportunities.

It really depends on what you want and like, of course. But for me, moving here was "off target".

Hello Jake,

Thanks for writing to us - there are several of our pages which need to be updated and it is an on-going job!

I am pretty sure that the Corporate Headquarters of London Life Insurance is still on Dufferin Avenue in London, Ontario, and still employs thousands of people.

Sadly, I can't do much about winters here in the London area, but since I came to Canada almost 40 years ago, I have realized that I enjoy winter more when I participate and enjoy the cold weather - you can go for crisp winter walks, play ice hockey, go snowmobiling, skate or just sit and look out of your window at the beauty of Nature in winter. I can cope with our long, cold winters because I know we are going to have such a beautiful Spring, a long hot summer and a breath-taking Fall!

When I came to Canada in 1977, hubby and I didn't have a friend or relative within 4,500 miles, it took time, but we joined in community events and made valuable and lasting friendships.

If you feel that London isn't the place for you, have you considered a smaller town, like St Thomas?

Thanks again for your submission to our website!

Barb (Webmistress)

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