Having breakfast

by Tony Wilcox
(Perth, Ontario, Canada)

I saw this bird this morning on a fencepost enjoying a small bird for breakfast.

I'm hoping someone can identify it for me.

Hmmm..... it looks like a Kestrel or a Peregrine Falcon to me - perhaps one of our readers will know for sure.

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Sep 26, 2011
by: Cyril Crocker

The hawk in this picture is a Merlin, the larger cousin to the American Kestrel and the smaller cousin of the Peregrine Falcon.

Cyril Crocker
Hawk Cliff Raptor Banders

Thank you so much, Cyril, for identifying this bird for us, our Readers thank you!

Sep 18, 2011
Adult Merlin
by: Anonymous

Tony Beck, a naturalist from Ottawa, has identified this bird as an adult Merlin

Sep 17, 2011
Size of bird
by: Tony W

The distance on the photo from wire with rope over to top of the post where birds foot is is 5"

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